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The purpose of the Impossible Password Generator isn't to come up with a password you can easily remember. No word games, memory tips, or other stuff here. After all, such things make the password quite possible, which is counterproductive given the name of this particular generator.

Instead, the targets of this tool are people and organizations that produce large numbers of passwords that are documented. I do web development for a variety of customers, and it's clearly not a good idea for me to use the same credentials for my accounts on all of them. So, I want to create complex, ridiculously long (and therefore improbable if not impossible) passwords for each one.

Another useful case for this tool is with coded credentials. The number of times I've seen someone use "password" as their database password is asinine. It's not like anyone needs to remember that password; it's stored in some configuration file and is never thought of again unless a developer finds the password in the configuration, and then copies/pastes it for his/her needs.

In any case, there's a lot of good password generators out there if you want short passwords that are easily remembered. Some provide phonetic and mnemonic tools to help you remember them. If that's what you're looking for, by all means use them.

If you're wanting a secure random password generator that remembers your preferences, is capable of producing inanely short or ridiculously long passwords, and will objectively rate its own passwords with a level of intelligence beyond simple character counts, then this is a good tool to use.

Ultimately, I wrote this for my own use. I hope it's useful to you, too.

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