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Hi, I'm Chris. I'm just another web developer, really. Now, I know you think I have super powers, but I'm just a guy. You can find out more about me on my website,

I've been doing web development professionally since 2003. Most of my early days were spent in front of an telnet (and eventually SSH) terminal hand-coding everything using jove.

Eventually, I learned about syntax highlighting in Emacs and other editors, but decided it wasn't worth re-learning all my key commands. Then, I learned about Notepad++, but why use an FTP client when you could just edit right there on the live site? Over time, I learned about IDEs, but decided it wasn't for me. And who has time for source control, anyway?

Fast-forward a few years, and I see my SSH sessions being roughly the same as my pre-professional HTML notepad and MS Paint days. The beauty of IDEs and SCMs is that I don't have to risk running a chmod -R 000 / instead of a chmod -R 000 ./ (which I did once, actually).

If none of that made sense to you, that's fine. I was rambling anyway. Basically, I'm a nerd who got tired of using the other password generators out there.

Check out another of my handy-for-developers tools:, an easy way to get a specific HTTP status code