Privacy Policy

Our Super Simple Privacy Policy

Login Information

If you have a login on the site, that is not shared with any third parties. That's yours alone. We don't even store your password in our database. It's private.

For security purposes, we track some basic information about your login (such as time and IP address), but that's kept to a minimum. And you can easily opt out by just not logging in. Impossible Password is free to use either way.

Oh, no! Advertisements!

Believe it or not, hosting, TLS certificates, and so on aren't free. Neither is my time. So, to help offset the cost of this site, I run ads. So here's how it works...

Third parties like Google store cookies on your browser so they can serve you good ads. This may be based on your usage of this and/or other sites we have nothing to do with. And we don't share info directly with any other such site. You can opt out by changing your browser settings. It's not hard, and if you're using this site, there's a good chance you know how to make the change.


I use Google Analytics to keep up with site usage and so on. This helps me make improvements based on how people use to the site. And it helps me see how much it's getting used. Google uses cookies for this, too. Again, you can turn it off easily enough.


This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on October 13, 2014. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly here: . I can't believe you actually read this far. Kudos.

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