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This is a web-based random password generator. There are countless other random password generators out there, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I had trouble finding exactly what I needed, so I just wrote it.

So what's so different about this particular one?

The Impossible Password Generator uses entirely client-side (JavaScript, to be precise) code to generate passwords. As a result, the password you generate is not known by me or any code on my web server. It's generated by your browser and exists exclusively in your browser until you do something with it.

The Impossible Password Generator offers a wide variety of configuration options. From choosing precisely which types of characters you want to include to easily defining a length, we cover all the basic bases. Taking things a step further, however, we offer some compatibility checkboxes to ensure it plays nice with your documentation tools and efforts. For example, you can enable the "Double-click Select" setting to ensure that the resulting random password, no matter what else you've set, will not include any characters that will prevent you from being able to double-click the password to select the full thing.

The Impossible Password Generator remembers your settings between visits. Do you frequently generate the same type of password? Then this tool is for you. After all, who wants to check of all those specific boxes we offer each time you visit our site again? And, once again, this is done with client-side HTML5 code. Your passwords are never transmitted to or from my web server, and neither are the settings you check off.

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